• | Suzanne Peters

    Take Pride in Rainbows

    The Pride in London Parade is coming into town this weekend and we at WWS HQ could not be happier.

    Why? Well, apart from what the whole event stands for, it is the only festival that celebrates rainbows as the colours reflect the diversity of the LGBT community. 

    We're HUGE rainbow fans - they make us happy. So, for you to get on board the rainbow train - try some of these multicoloured delights....

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  • | Suzanne Peters

    Earring Cocktails - How to Mix and Match Earrings

    Prawn cocktails are so 1970s darling. These days we love an earring cocktail, AKA mixing and matching our earrings to style up our ever-increasing ear holes.  Now this is not as simple as just picking two non-matching earrings and chucking them on. No no no. Like this store, ears should be caref... View Post
  • | Suzanne Peters

    Bridey Girl - Bridal Jewellery for Brides

    So unless you have been living under a stone - you will know that May 19th is the Royal Wedding. Prince Harry is marrying Meghan Markle. I for one will be watching it all unfold on the day. Me, and an expected 23+ million others. Now not only is this lady going to marry a Prince - but she is als... View Post