| Suzanne Peters

Earring Cocktails - How to Mix and Match Earrings

Prawn cocktails are so 1970s darling. These days we love an earring cocktail, AKA mixing and matching our earrings to style up our ever-increasing ear holes. 

Now this is not as simple as just picking two non-matching earrings and chucking them on. No no no. Like this store, ears should be carefully curated - you don't want to look like you've lost an earring. Our latest Princess girl crush Meghan Markle is an expert.

To help you do this, a lot of our earrings are sold as singles, AND we also suggest earrings that work together on our product pages. You're welcome.

Here are some of our faves to have a play with. I always start with the biggest at the bottom and move up to the smallest.  

These guys make for a good base hole situation.

Pair of double dangle hoops £100. Yes, you can start with a pair and then mix up top!

Lightning bolt hoop in silver - also available in rose gold plate £45 each.


This rose gold plated silver star stud would be a colourful starting point £25 each.

Here are some ideas for middle holes.

Black micro hoop with black zircons. £30 each. Micro hoops are brilliant for the middle holes as they can coordinate and link with what's above and below.

Now if you, like me, don't have three ear piercings in one ear (yes, I know I'm my own worst customer...) have I got the thing for you! This single row cuff available in both rose gold vermeil and silver is genius. Open it to put on, I wear mine on the straight (see above image), then close it snugly to fit. Ta da. £35 each. 


This silver rainbow micro hoop stud is a great blender! £30 each. Also available in rose-gold vermeil.

Teeny tiny top of ear ideas.

This gold-plated stud is super tiny and super gorgeous! £25 each.

Silver bar stud also available in rose gold vermeil. £20 each.

Triple stone micro stud also available in silver £20 each.

Now I know it's not good news that we now have an additional thing to add to our getting ready routine - looking at what we are going to wear and planning what earrings to match together. But hey, it's only time, and what are a few minutes here and there? This is about style - and we just worship style.